Qatar National Library

Qatar National Library (QNL) has three main functions: the National Library, the University and Research Library, and a state-of-the-art Metropolitan Public Library. QNL collects and provides access to global knowledge, preserves heritage content and materials. It also provides printed and digital library materials for students and researchers, and delivers library services and information for everyone. Visit our website

Preserving Fragile Written Treasures

Fragile Qatari, Arab, and Islamic historical records, including books, maps, manuscripts and newspapers, that detail hundreds of years of heritage are being safeguarded through the use of the most modern technology at Qatar National Library

QNL Sessions Promote Database Access

Qatar National Library (QNL) provided training sessions on accessing its online databases on 20 November. The sessions were conducted by Ged Welford, Library Sales Manager of Oxford University Press, which provided three extensive online databases to QNL.

The Heart of All Knowledge

Frieda Wiebe, Director of the Library, Georgetown University – School of Foreign Service in Qatar, talks about how research, a commitment to service, and a community role are as vital to a library as the books on its shelves